yeah i’m still watching.

  • i bet you know about moving on, sam.
  • how much more of a caricature are they going to make sue into? how does jane make it through those lines?
  • finn and sue, you were both in the wrong during that conversation.
  • ryan, you don’t get any points for unique getting cast as rizzo. but i’m glad she did.
  • really, artie? she actually had every right to bring it up.
  • while i’m glad tina/mike got a scene, it just made the blatant ignoring of sam/mercedes worse.

now have the strong urge to hear mercedes sing solange’s “losing you.”

and where on earth are rory and sugar?

cameraman!finn + camerawoman!britt = copycats.

points to the house of whichever member of RIB+ who thought up that line about the borg for jesse st. james.